Spring Flavors; Ruffo Coli Tessuti Collection

Spring Flavors

Spring Flavors 1024 683 Federica Ghiozzi

What are the flavors of spring? From sour to sweet to citrusy, nature as always inspires us and it is from its scents, colors and flavors that the March palette…

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The scent of beauty; blossom; blossoming fabrics; Ruffo Coli Tessuti; Textiles

The Scent of Beauty

The Scent of Beauty 2048 1541 Federica Ghiozzi

Between oniric and poetic Among the themes of our Couture and RTW collections for spring summer 2025 (just presented at the two international exhibitions Milano Unica and Premiere Vision Paris),…

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Black and White Textiles Collection; Velvet collection Ruffo Coli Tessuti; velluto autunno inverno 2023 24

Black and White textiles Collection

Black and White textiles Collection 1024 683 Federica Ghiozzi

Black and white, two colours that take us towards winter, opening the door to a season that, in nature as in everyday life, alternates light and shadow, clear and dark.…

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Between art andnature autumn palette; luxury fabrics; Ruffo Coli; italian textiles; Couture and RTW fabrics; autumn; fall winter 23 24

Between Art and Nature: autumn palette

Between Art and Nature: autumn palette 1024 683 Federica Ghiozzi

The focus is on autumn palette, a precious season that speaks of warmth and cosiness. We tell it to you through our Couture and RTW fabric collections, a flow of…

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Couture; Ready to Wear; Pret-à-porter; textiles; lurex

Ruffo Coli Couture Fabrics Autumn Winter 24/25

Ruffo Coli Couture Fabrics Autumn Winter 24/25 2048 1536 Federica Ghiozzi

Ruffo Coli’s fabric collections are divided into two main lines designed by our creative team to be qualitatively excellent, aesthetically precious, ethereal, bold and romantic. Ruffo Coli Couture Collection Ruffo…

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Bridal couture; the art of hand-painting

The art of hand painting

The art of hand painting 6912 2401 Federica Ghiozzi

The art of hand painting and the language of flowers in our romantic fabric collections. Discover Ruffo Coli’s creations! The language of flowers is one of the central sources of…

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Ruffo Coli Tessuti Dream State

Dream State

Dream State 2560 1986 Federica Ghiozzi

Where does the inspiration for a new fabric collection come from? Which topics, objects or elements can hold the input from which the collections will spring?   April is the…

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Couture Collection; Haute Couture; Ruffo Coli Tessuti; textiles; passion for yarns

Ruffo Coli Couture Collections SS 2024

Ruffo Coli Couture Collections SS 2024 2560 1707 Federica Ghiozzi

Here’s a glimpse of our Couture Collections for next spring summer 2024 The last exciting edition of Premiere Vision Paris dedicated to SS24 fashion has just ended. It seems like…

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Traditional or Digital printing?

Traditional or Digital printing? 2000 1600 Federica Ghiozzi

A dive into the history of textile printing Traditional textile printing is an ancient technique of Eastern origin that came to the West in the Middle Ages. Its Western evolution,…

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Ruffo Coli Tessuti; FAI; Made in Italy; Lecce

Ruffo Coli Italian Inspiration Project

Ruffo Coli Italian Inspiration Project 2560 1707 Federica Ghiozzi

An emotional, sensory and creative journey Passion for yarns, craftsmanship, fabrics. And devotion to Made in Italy. On these strong foundations we built our most recent digital project inspired by…

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