Ruffo Coli, the beginning

Ruffo Coli entered the textile industry as a young man. In the stimulating business environment of post-war Livorno, he and his wife Loredana opened what soon became one of the city’s leading boutiques, achieving rapid success thanks to the embrace of both private clients
and fashion ateliers.

The second generation

It was when Ruffo’s sons Giulio and Alessandro entered the family firm that Ruffo Coli made a quantum leap from retail fashion to manufacture, via the creation of a fashion collection aimed at top ateliers and designers. Wide public recognition soon arrived for the brand, thanks to the company’s collaborations with leading fashion houses and its participation in prestigious international trade shows.

Today and tomorrow

A new chapter was launched with the firm’s 2008 opening of a logistical base near Como, which became a fully operative HQ in 2013. With this important step, and the arrival on the scene of the third generation, Ruffo Coli has today become one of the most important players in the Como silk and textile district. While consolidating and growing its stake in the clothing fabrics sector via a series of new initiatives, the company is also starting to make forays into new fields, from accessories to furniture.