Black and White textiles Collection

Black and White Textiles Collection; Velvet collection Ruffo Coli Tessuti; velluto autunno inverno 2023 24

Black and White textiles Collection

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Black and white, two colours that take us towards winter, opening the door to a season that, in nature as in everyday life, alternates light and shadow, clear and dark.

The fusion is precisely the extraordinary play of light and shadow: from white on white, which is pure brilliance. To deep, intense black: luxurious, opulent, iconic.

Subjectivity is thus placed on both sides of the coin, for an extraordinary reading of the ordinary, in a couture key.

This duality is expressed, for example, with organza embellished with mineral-inspired veins, super-feminine and romantic decoupé jacquards made distinctive by our botanical designs. Shiny liquid satin fabrics and, again, floral designs enhanced by the iconic textured effect.

Thus the colour white -simple, elegant, pure- becomes the key to reinterpreting the ordinary side of day-to-day, as an extraordinary icon.

At the same time, there is no lack of luxury and opulence in our seductive velvets. Which shift the focus from light to shadow. From appearance to intimacy.

We were inspired by the mysterious grace of nature  and its dark side, the impenetrable depths of the universe and ornamental art. Creating a collection of velvets embellished with laminated details, micro-pois, gold highlights and jungle echoes. Extraordinary fabrics in the sign of preciousness that join the cult collections of Ruffo Coli Velvets.

We leave you with our Extraordinary Moodboard, enjoy and let yourself be involved by this play of lights and shadows!

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