The art of hand painting

Bridal couture; the art of hand-painting

The art of hand painting

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The art of hand painting and the language of flowers in our romantic fabric collections. Discover Ruffo Coli’s creations!

The language of flowers is one of the central sources of inspiration for our fabric collections. The beauty and marvel of nature are forces that can hardly remain impassive in front of. And the emotions evoked by the miracle of a spring flower can be translated into incredible facets of art.

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The Ruffo Coli bridal collection, for example, combines dreamy fabrics ideal for embracing feminine bodies with ethereal colours, prints, embroidery and hand-painted details inspired by the flower language.

From camellias to roses, irises to azaleas, and even dahlias and peonies, each flower is the medium for a precious message and we, in our hand-painted workshop, bring out the freshness, preciousness and beauty of flowers to the fullest by matching them with our customers’ unique, made-to-measure dresses.

May is the month of women, flowers and beauty. And so here are our key words that highlight the Ruffo Coli hand-painted tradition:

Romanticism, Uniqueness, Art, Grace, Craftsmanship, Passion

To capture these influences?

Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of flowers and their noble language as told by Ruffo Coli creations!

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Flowers; hand-painting; Bridal; Ruffo Coli Tessuti

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