AW 2025 / 2026 Collections: Seventy years of History

Couture textiles Ruffo Coli AW 25/26

AW 2025 / 2026 Collections: Seventy years of History

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A taste of our Couture and RTW Collections for next autumn winter 2025 / 2026

On the occasion of the ongoing Milano Unica and Premiere Vision Paris Exhibitions, we tell you about a glimpse of our Couture and RTW collections  for next fall-winter.

And this is also a special year for us, full of meaning and emotions that have gifted us these 70 years of history since our foundation.

Ruffo Coli, 70th anniversary of historyThere is a clear reference to spectacularity. A precious and strong spectacularity of our origins that follows the common thread of emotions, experience and beauty that we have been collecting for seventy years.

The Couture and RTW autumn winter 25/26 Collections speak of just that: our history in the world of textiles. Between passion, experimentation and an absolute wonder for this vibrant world that is fashion, at one with art, culture, innovation.

To shape the collections, we immersed ourselves in a few key concepts such as the idea of multi-sensory suggestion, touch stimulated with exquisite textures or even the seductive lure of night sceneries embracing warm and intense palettes, extremely seductive.

All while celebrating the elegance and spectacularity, precisely, of contrasts. Which we find in every soul of the world, from nature to man to the art -textiles- we create.

A taste of our Ruffo Coli AW 2025 / 2026  Textiles Collection

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