Dream State

Ruffo Coli Tessuti Dream State

Dream State

Dream State 2560 1986 Federica Ghiozzi

Where does the inspiration for a new fabric collection come from?

Which topics, objects or elements can hold the input from which the collections will spring?


Dream State April is the month of rebirth, we all associate it with Spring, which in itself represents the suggestive rebirth of nature.

It is all a flow of colours, scents and vibrations.

Which, moved precisely by nature, influence everything in the world: life awakens, intuition is at its peak, art and creativity take flight.

We have three key words for you, chosen to narrate some special Ruffo Coli fabrics born with and for spring, the current one, and the one to come…

Our Instagram page is a flow of ideas to inspire and narrate, today we will summarise them for you with these three key words, three magic formulas that identify the Spring of Ruffo Coli fabrics:


To capture its influence?

Follow us without fear, free your mind and let it evanescent, let it lead you beyond belief…

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