Certified products

To ensure maximum transparency on the quality of our sustainable products, we chose to sell GOTS certified fabrics.

In this way, our customers can purchase sustainable fabrics, whose supply chain is entirely traced and guaranteed by an international certification body. Ruffo Coli has been GOTS certified since 2021 and complies with all required standards

GOTS Certification

Global Organic Textile Standard is the certification that guarantees fabrics produced organically. The entire production cycle, from the birth of the natural fiber (silk, cotton) to weaving and all subsequent steps (dyeing, printing, finishing) are tracked, respecting the GOTS regulations.

This certification ensures compliance with parameters related to polluting substances for the environment and compliance with high standards relating to working conditions.

Social responsibility

Honesty and transparency are the founding principles of our company: product reliability, compliance with technical data, accurate quality control, collaborative reaction to complaints, clarity of financial statements and communications to each stakeholder. We are committed to enhancing the people who work with us, supporting them in their professional growth. We share the vision of the market and strategic objectives with our collaborators and reward commitment through merit-based growth plans.