Ruffo Coli Couture Collections SS 2024

Couture Collection; Haute Couture; Ruffo Coli Tessuti; textiles; passion for yarns

Ruffo Coli Couture Collections SS 2024

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Here’s a glimpse of our Couture Collections for next spring summer 2024

The last exciting edition of Premiere Vision Paris dedicated to SS24 fashion has just ended. It seems like an eternity, but tomorrow is already here…

Ruffo Coli Tessuti; textiles; fabrics; Made in ItalyCouture collection; Tessuti moda; fashion; Haute Couture

Among exuberant colours and iridescent pulsations, our fabrics tell of an alluring and persuasive romanticism that touches the pastel shades from mauve to taupe, the ephemeral elegance of earth blending with the pop illusion of neon colours, and the brightest gold luxury.

Ruffo Coli Couture speaks of an aesthetic that has no limits, aimed at a future where one does not have to choose between extreme refinement, coziness or daring exuberance, because the three expressions can coexist.

And so, designers, manufacturers, trendsetters, visionaries and communicators, but also great fans of textiles and fashion, let yourself be inspired by our Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear collections! From colour palettes, moodboards, prints and fabric textures that always reward quality.

Fashion is vibration, fashion is comfort, fashion is evanescence, fashion is genius…

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Ruffo Coli Tessuti
Passion for yarns, craftsmanship and fabrics