The Scent of Beauty

The scent of beauty; blossom; blossoming fabrics; Ruffo Coli Tessuti; Textiles

The Scent of Beauty

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Between oniric and poetic

Among the themes of our Couture and RTW collections for spring summer 2025 (just presented at the two international exhibitions Milano Unica and Premiere Vision Paris), there is the concept of Blossoming.

That wonderful spontaneous happening, son of Nature, that we humans observe spellbound.

We experience surreal emotions if we stop to “feel” Nature. We catch it with our eyes, yes, but also with our sense of smell. Discovering its scent. And with hearing, listening to its ethereal sound.

Drawing on the depth of our senses, captivated by the blossoming buds, were born sophisticated and lively, romantic and colorful fabrics. Which tell the story of our artistic philosophy.

The scent of beauty

The scent of beauty; Bloosom textiles; Ruffo Coli Tessuti, Italian textiles; trend setter spring summer 2025; Haute couture collections; RTW Textiles collectionYou will find Jacquard decoupé with embossed buds declined in various pastel shades; organza embellished with shimmering lurex; fluid and light georgette; and again, textural details.

Be inspired by our Blossom Collection, it will transport you to a new dimension, exactly between oniric and poetic.

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