Ruffo Coli Tessuti: how it all began

Ruffo Coli; heritage; story; fabrics; Pollock

Ruffo Coli Tessuti: how it all began

Ruffo Coli Tessuti: how it all began 2560 1707 Federica Ghiozzi


Ruffo Coli story began after the Second World War in Livorno, a lively city full of new energy and intuition where, the Coli family, already passionate and dedicated to the fascinating world of fabrics, inaugurated a divine boutique exactly in the heart of the city.

Here you could breathe an air of fashion, luxury, and creativity, which transpired from every detail and element, especially from the charming selection of fabrics presented.

Moreover, the refinement, quality and beauty of Made in Italy, represent the plus that allowed the boutique of Coli’s family to reach an immediate and remarkable success.

This first chapter of Ruffo Coli’ story is told by some iconic fabrics and weaves. Designs that are imprinted in the memory and heart of the company and its customers, and that still today find new life in the Haute Couture Collections of legendary designers.

Our iconic design


For example, the iconic Pollock print, a tribute to the famous American artist Jackson Pollock, considered one of the greatest representatives of action painting.

It is an abstract and floral composition that is revealed in all its royalty and sumptuousness in the Satin découpé (we offer a taste of it right at the beginning of this article). A fluid and soft fabric, with a divine cadence on the body, embellished by the lurex découpé depicting the Pollock print.

The effect is impressive, sumptuous, and very elegant.


Another example is the iconic Florinda print. Also inspired by the world of nature, the beauty of blossoming buds and the romantic spring allure that defines it.

This print is versatile and identifies itself in a harmonious and lively set of bouquets of wildflowers. It communicates freedom, lightness, and femininity.








We offer a glimpse in the photo where, on the right, we observe a version of Florinda in Georgette découpé. The effect of the fabric is sweet and dreamy, floating and light. Embellished with golden lurex details that give the fabric a regal personality.

On the left instead, always with the iconic Florinda print as protagonist, we have a Cloqué découpé in lurex with colored details and print. In this version the fabric is more structured, with a joyful and fresh character, always sumptuous but more childlike.


Check out the moodboard inspired by our iconic designs and let our textiles inspire you in turn!