Haute couture fabrics in Dubai

Luxury fabrics for your events

Our luxury fabrics are precious and made using only the best materials. Our passion for yarn and craftsmanship go into creating these haute couture fabrics which include hand painted fabrics, embroidered fabrics and many more. Special textile for your special event.

Precious like you

Our luxury fabrics made in Italy are unique, precious, refined, glamorous. Like you. Choose Ruffo Coli for your next special dress.

Wide range of exclusive textiles

New products are declined in many variations in each collection. We use
multiple production techniques to offer an exclusive range of textiles, from everyday wear to bridal, passing through event wear.

Social responsibility

We take care of the people who work with us, in and around our company.
We behave responsibly towards the environment, favoring sustainable choices that reduce our impact.

Innovation & technology

We are constantly looking for innovative materials, being careful to the final finishing of the product. We work hard to update traditional techniques and to incorporate the most promising innovations in textiles world.